Kasparov Stomps Shirov, Classic King’s Indian!

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It is undeniable that Garry Kasparov is one of the best chess players in the history of the game. In the following chess video excerpt, Grandmaster James Plaskett analyzes a classic Kasparov victory with the black pieces in the King’s Indian Defense. Kasparov’s opponent in this game is the legendary Alexey Shirov, an extremely dangerous attacking player who is renown for his incredible tactical sense and imagination. Shirov opens with 1. d4 and answers Kasparov’s King’s Indian Defense with the Saemisch Variation with 5. f3 – a solid choice for white against the KID as the center normally remains closed. However Kasparov plays very energetically and with 10. …b5 black has already created an enormous amount of tension in the center and queenside. With 11. …exd4 and 12. …Re8 Kasparov offers to sacrifice a pawn, which Shirov accepts with 13. Bxf6 and 14. Qxd6. This decision is very interesting as for the remainder of the game, white will have an extra pawn but black’s dark-squared bishop will be extremely powerful as white will not have any pieces to directly oppose it. Kasparov’s ensuing play in the middlegame and endgame is very instructive as he breaks down his opponent’s defense with a highly energetic counterattack.

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