IM Andrew Martin Presents: 1. ..b6 for Black – Busy Man’s Chess Openings

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The Owens Opening with 1. e4 b6 is an extremely exciting defense for black however many players think this eclectic hypermodern opening system is simply bad for bad. In the below chess video excerpt from the 2.5+ hr chess DVD ¨1. ..b6 for Black: Busy Man’s Chess Openings¨ IM Andrew Martin is quick to point out that the Owens Opening is a very viable choice for black against 1. e4. Although black contradicts classical opening ideology by refusing to stake an immediate claim with his pawns on the center squares (e4, d4, e5, d5), by fianchettoing his queenside bishop (b6 and Bb7) black is rapidly placing pressure on the light squares in white’s center – specifically the e4-square. In the below chess video, IM Andrew Martin explains the 1. …b6 system and specifically analyzes black’s best options against one of white’s most popular systems after 1. e4 b6 2. d4 Bb7 3. Nc3

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