The c3 Sicilian – Pawn-Snatching Lines!

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Crushing Black – the c3 Sicilian is a 5-Volume, 20+ hour chess DVD series produced by experienced chess trainer GM Ron W. Henley. GM Henley’s resume as a chess instructor is unquestionable as he has prepared and trained legends like Anatoly Karpov, Hikaru Nakamura, and Irina Krush. In the follow chess video excerpt from the extensive DVD series, Grandmaster Henley presents a very interesting variation in the c3 Sicilian where white snatches the c5-pawn and allows an early queen trade – with the downside being that white loses the right to castle and black obtains very rapid development and piece-play as compensation for the pawn. This variation is extremely interesting and if you plan to play the c3 Sicilian in practical tournaments, you better be paying attention to this chess video!

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