c3 Sicilian – Crushing Black with the c3 Sicilian by GM Ron Henley

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The c3 Sicilian is an extremely powerful sideline for white against the Sicilian Defense, rapidly deviating from the main lines via the move order 1. e4 c5 2. c3. White’s main idea is very simple in this opening set-up – establish a strong center by preparing the d2-d4 advance and avoid the massive theory associated with the main lines of the Sicilian Defense. The c3 Sicilian is also known as the Alapin Sicilian and has been employed by countless top players, including Grandmasters Sveshnikov, Short, Ljubojevic, Alekhine, and Simagin – maintaining an exceptional reputation as at the elite level for being one of the most dangerous alternatives for white in the 1. e4 c5 chess opening systems. In the following excerpt from the incredibly comprehensive 20+ hour 5-Volume chess DVD course by renown Grandmaster Ron W. Henley, viewers are treated to a detailed introduction of the basic principles and strategies in the c3 Sicilian opening system.

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