Beat the Ruy Lopez with the Berlin Variation – GM Leonid Kritz (EMPIRE CHESS)

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he Berlin Variation of the Ruy Lopez is one of the most solid opening choices available with black against 1. e4. Although this system can be quite drawish, black consistently achieves excellent positions out of the opening that are extremely different from other, more normal openings. With that in mind, the Berlin Variation can be an awesome surprise weapon for the amateur and club level player who is familiar with the distinct subtleties of this complex system. The Berlin Variation of the Ruy Lopez really came to fame during Vladimir Kramnik’s World Chess Championship Match with Garry Kasparov in 2000, where Kramnik used the Berlin Variation to effectively neutralize Kasparov’s preparation with white in the Ruy Lopez. The Berlin Variation is an excellent addition to any chess player’s repertoire and studying it deeply with guarantee you a much greater appreciation of the power of the two bishops in the endgame. Grandmaster Leonid Kritz has extensively employed the Berlin Variation of the Ruy Lopez at the 2600+ FIDE Grandmaster level, achieving excellent results with black against 1. e4 throughout his distinguished career. The below chess video is an excerpt from the Empire Chess DVD series ¨Battle with the Berlin Defense¨

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