How To Analyze A Chess Position – Dr. IM Danny Kopec

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The above video excerpt from the chess DVD ¨How To Analyze a Chess Position¨ by IM Danny Kopec starts at move 19 from Fischer vs Camara, 1970 where white has achieved substantial pressure very early in the opening. White is far ahead in development and black´s king is still stuck in the center, creating strong conditions for a sacrifice by white to break open lines. Fischer´s 19. Rxd7!! perfectly exploits black´s lack of coordination and overextended pieces, forcing a recapture with the king on 19. …Kxd7 – permanently exposing black´s king to white´s attack. Fischer precisely concludes the attack, forcing black´s resignation on 24. Qb5+ This was an excellent example presented by IM Kopec, as white´s aggressive play in the opening forced concessions by black – leading to a decisive exchange sacrifice that perfectly exploited black´s lack of development and coordination.

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