Beating the Caro-Kann Defense – Live Blitz Chess Video

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The Caro-Kann is a very interesting opening that has experienced a recent revival in popularity as many top Grandmasters regularly employ the Caro-Kann at the elite levels (Andreikin, Mamedyarov, Nakamura, etc..) In this blitz chess video, I decided on a pretty quiet line for white that really allows black a lot of options early in the opening. However, the advantage of my relaxed system is that it is easy to build a very solid pawn center with white. After 13. …Bxf6?! I was able to snatch a pawn with 14. dxc5 and after 15. …e5? I was able to snatch another pawn with 16. Qxd5+ – although black was able to win the c5 pawn back in the subsequent complications. White emerged a clear pawn ahead and I quickly capitalized on black´s lack of coordination by first pushing back his knights and then lining up my bishops on black´s relatively undefended queenside pawns – after which the weight of white´s bishops in an open position was truly felt and led to a winning advantage.

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