1. d4 – The Queen’s Indian – Live Blitz Chess Video

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I responded to 1. d4 with the Queen´s Indian Defense, and my opponent employed the Kasparov-Petrosian variation with an early 4. a3 – stopping black from playing Bb4 and exchanging white´s Nc3 (leading to increased control for black of the e4 square). White achieved a strong center in the opening however with 17. …Nc4, black had significant counterplay on the queenside to distract white from a kingside attack. With 22. Nxc4 and 23. Rc3 – white had temporarily closed the queenside and was ready for a very dangerous maneuver for black – lifting the rook to the kingside to prepare for a deadly attack. Although I had an advanced passed c-pawn, my king was left without any pieces to defend it while white was shifting nearly all of his pieces to attack (including the bishops on c1 and b1 that were pointing directly at black´s kingside). I had to defend with every trick I could think of and after 30. …f5 and 31. …g5 – black´s position is very messy but good. I had a winning line with the simple 33. …Qa1 as white can´t defend the Bc1 and impending checkmate – however I missed this resource in time trouble and played a cheap check with 33. …Qb5+ – after which there were many mutual mistakes in extreme time trouble and I was able to flag my opponent. Overall the game was very interesting as it was really a classic example of the Queen´s Indian Defense – white has a strong center and good prospects of a kingside attack while black energetically struggles for activity and counterplay on the queenside.

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