French Defense Destroyed 👊 with the Milner-Barry Gambit – GM Misa Pap

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The French Defense is a common chess opening for Black that you’re likely to face regularly. It’s known as a solid, defensive opening, and many aggressive, attacking chess players often find facing it to be quite boring.

As a reply to 1.e4, the French Defence received relatively little attention in the nineteenth century compared to 1…e5. The first world chess champion Wilhelm Steinitz said “I have never in my life played the French Defence, which is the dullest of all openings!”

In this video, GM Misa Pap changes all that. Misa is an experienced Grandmaster with a naturally aggressive style. The Serbian GM is well-known in European club leagues as a fierce attacker with a knack for sacrifices and gambits.

Here, GM Misa Pap analyzes one of his best games where he absolutely destroyed the French Defense with the Milner-Barry Gambit – an extremely provocative opening where white sacrifices a pawn on move 8 to achieve a dangerous initiative against black´s undeveloped center.

If your opponent is playing the French Defense, they likely don’t enjoy aggressive chess, so throwing this at them should also give you a psychological edge. Not only does the Milner-Barry Gambit let you play aggressively, but if the opponent isn’t expecting it, they can quickly go wrong and find themselves in a losing position. Definitely, an opening to have up your sleeve for the chess club!

White’s game plan is to place the bishop on d3. From d3, the bishop has a clear view of Black’s kingside. In variations where Black prematurely castles short, there is a typical Bxh7+ combination that works well for White.

White looks to sacrifice the d4 pawn in return for attacking opportunities against the Black King. The Black King often finds it difficult to get to safety, sometimes even after castling!

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