Chess for Beginners: Mating Patterns Explained

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Mating patterns are an essential part of chess, enabling rapid victories by attentive players. It´s not enough to memorize thousands of different mating patterns – it´s much better to focus on understanding the logic and reasoning behind checkmate patterns so you can replicate them in a variety of different situations and positions. IM Danny Kopec puts his ample chess training experience to use in the 120+ minute chess DVD ¨How to Visualize Chess Combinations¨ – teaching beginner and intermediate chess players the skills of calculation and tactics. The high quality production of the chess DVD ¨How to Visualize Chess Combinations¨ mixed with the vast chess coaching experience of IM Danny Kopec makes this chess video unforgettable. In the following excerpt from the chess DVD ¨How to Visualize Chess Combinations¨ IM Kopec analyzes and explains multiple examples of mating patterns involving the classic pair – Rook and Bishop!


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