iChess Welcomes IM Dr. Danny Kopec

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iChess.NET is very pleased to present International Master Danny Kopec as the newest member of our team. IM Kopec´s experience in chess is rich, with notable successes starting back in 1980 by winning the Scottish Championship and 1985 by achieving the International Master title. IM Kopec has also earned a Ph. D in Machine Intelligence and is well-known for his contributions to opening theory, most notably for devising a creative scheme against the Sicilian Defense called the Kopec System that enables white to avoid most of the main lines (ECO Code B50-B52). IM Kopec is a renown chess author and video producer and we will look forward to promoting his name with our audience via our customary FREE Preview Chess Videos! In the following video, Dr. IM Danny Kopec and I will review one of his most spectacular victories that features a prolonged series of astonishing sacrifices!

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