Obliterating the 4 Pawns Attack – The Benoni Defense – (Sicilian Najdorf – Adams Attack)

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GAME 1: WStewart vs gsvc – Sicilian Najdorf, Adams Attack

I opened with 1. e4 and my opponent played the Sicilian Najdorf, so I decided to go with the Adams Attack with 6. h3. Black played a committal line with 6. …h5 – stopping white from expanding on the kingside with a future g4 however permanently weakening black’s kingside and specifically control of the g5 square. Black played the opening inaccurately and I was able to win a piece with 15. b4.

GAME 2: casanova vs WStewart – Benoni Defense, Four Pawns Attack

I responded to 1. c4 with the King’s Indian Defense, however after white played the Four Pawns Attack I played 6. …c5 to take things into a Benoni Defense. White played an interesting line with 10. f5!? – gaining time and space by pushing my light-squared bishop back however permanently surrendering the e5 square to black’s pieces. After 17. Rae1 I found a forced line to win a pawn and liquidate a lot of pieces, leading to a promising endgame for black. I was able to neutralize white’s aggression and proceeded to force a queen trade, leading to a won endgame for black after 28. …Qxf4 29. Qxf4 Be5 30. Qxe5 dxe5

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