Karpov Teaches Middlegame Strategy 🥇 (Beginner Chess Videos)

Comfortable with an opening, but wondering what to do once you hit the chess middle game? 🤔 Sit in with Anatoly Karpov and GM Roman Dzindzichashvili as they teach the secrets of the Russian School of chess. Get a 35% discount here: ►https://ichs.co/2yQZ8Gx

Finding a good middle game strategy is usually tough for beginner and intermediate chess players. Sure, you can memorize a few easy openings without too much difficulty, it is relatively easy to review the repertoires of the world’s very best grandmasters. Picking up a number of end game tactics is also par for the course with clear-cut principles that can be learned. But the middlegame feels different – it can be much more vague. There’s not always a specific move or an obvious tactic readily at hand. When you’ve finally worked your way through the opening, developed all your pieces, got your king safe and now you are poised for battle, what do you do next?

In this chapter from the excellent chess DVD series “Russian School of Chess”, Former World Champion Anatoly Karpov and super coach GM Roman Dzindzichasvili break down the difficult transition from opening to middlegame, showing how the two connect. They examine the middlegame principles and explain how you can conjure up a good middlegame strategy. They push home these ideas by closely analyzing a number of positions from main lines of the Scotch Gambit and the French Defense.

As well the fact that he was World Chess Champion for ten years, Anatoly Karpov is an incredible positional player with a deep understanding of chess middle game strategy, meaning that there’s hardly a better tutor for this aspect of the game. In this video he clearly shows how to analyze the board, how to search for any weaknesses in the enemy camp, and how to go about exploiting them – all while making sure to remove one’s own weaknesses and take advantage of the strongest placed pieces.

In the full course, Anatoly Karpov and Roman Dzindzichasvili discuss openings, middle game, and end game fundamentals for beginner and intermediate chess players. By openly sharing his vast knowledge of chess, including middle game strategy, in a very understandable way, you can get the most out of each phase of play in your own games.

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