Poolside Chess Blitz w/ GM Henley – Grunfeld Defense – Round 2

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Ron employed a pretty strange system with white against my Grunfeld, going for an early 5. e3, 6. Nge2, and 7. g3 – a rapid fianchetto that avoids complications and builds a solid center for white. I immediately sought to undermine white’s center before he could completely consolidate, striking with 8. …e5 to essentially force white to either take or push his d4 pawn. I was able to gain space on the queenside with 12. …a5 and 13. …a4 – and then strove for counterplay on the kingside and center with 14. …f5. In this type of position, black is forced to play extremely energetically to create dynamic imbalances – because white has a more solid structure and thus should retain a slight, long-term positional advantage. White Ron tried to fix my pawns in the center so that his knights could gain important outpost squares, however I was able to find a nice intermediate move with 19. …Qc5+ before he could put his knights to good use. Unfortunately Ron blundered with 22. Qxb3? and resigned as he was losing material.

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