Sac to Win – The King’s Indian – FM Raptis vs NM Stewart

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The King’s Indian Defense is an extremely complex opening because of it’s clearly double-edged natural structure. A closed center indicates black will attack on the kingside and white will attack on the queenside. At the 2012 National Open I had the black pieces against FM Nick Raptis. I responded to his 1. d4 with the King’s Indian Defense and he adopted the Aronin-Taimanov system with 9. Ne1. Black quickly tried to initiate counterplay in the center as white strove to open the queenside, especially trying to invade along the c-file. With 20. …Rg6 black was able to create the first real threat of the game, followed by 21. …Qd7!? with everything hanging on an attack against the white king. Black went on to win white’s queen in the complications for a bishop and rook, however I believe white would have retained good chances after the prophylactic 29. Bf1 instead of 29. Rdc1. Black sacked a piece to open lines with 30. …Bxh3 and went on to convert the full point.

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