The Dzindzi Indian – 6. h3 Preparing g4 (Lev Alburt’s variation)

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This chess video explores black’s options against an interesting sideline devised by Grandmaster Lev Alburt where white allows the main line of Dzindzi Indian to try to immediately exploit black’s lack of development with a rapid 6. h3 to prepare g4. While black is able to easily prevent white from playing g4, this variation is interesting because white is not aiming to wipe black off the board right away – white is more trying to play a quieter, positional game and exploit black’s weird pawn structure. However, black should be able to achieve dynamic equality because white also has weak doubled pawns on the c-file and black should be able to obtain active counterplay to tie up white’s pieces by attacking c3 and c4. It is absolutely paramount for black to play very actively in this line, as although the position is fairly closed early in the opening and middlegame, white is usually able to break the position open and black needs to have his pieces very actively deployed when this happens. The main strategy for black is typical of the Dzindzi Indian – develop your pieces towards the queenside and target white’s weak doubled pawns on c3 and c4.

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