Grandmaster Live Blitz (Chess Openings: Dzindzi Indian, Sniper Sicilian, French Defense)

Guidez 2167 — GM Ron W Henley 2879

Against my SNIPER, White employed 4.dxc4 Qa5+ 5.Bd2 Qxc5 and 6.Bc3 which allows Black a pretty solid position with equality. My 12…e5 was to prevent his e4-e5 thrust, but development with 12…Bb7 would suffice. With my pawns on dark squares, he played the “positionally inspired” 13.Ba6 forcing the exchange of light square Bs. My 13….Nh5 was eyeing the f4 square, but 13…Nxe4 was winning tactic — collecting the e-pawn and B pair in one fell swoop! His maneuver 17.Nfd2-18.Nf1-21.Ne3 was designed to bring his knight to d5. With the thematic — 17…d5! I could have seized the initiative in the center. With Black having missed the good Sniper counterpunches, White executed his positional plan of 23.Nd5 25.exd5 followed by 26.Na5 and 27.Nc6. My counterplay with 28…Na4 led to a complex ending where White missed my 32…a6! After 33.Rb7? I missed both 33…Rxc6! 34.dxc6 Nxa5 and 33…Nxa5 34.Nxa5 Rxc2 with a winning game. With 30 seconds left he hung his B with 38.Rd2? In mutual time pressure I returned the B to reach a two pawn plus R ending. In the final position the white f-pawn is falling and he had 2 seconds left.

Gebart 1801 — GM Ron W Henley 2879

Against my attempted DZINDZI INDIAN White employed Stonewall setup with 2.f4. when I wnt into “Sniper mode” he switched gears and built a big center with 3.Nf3, 4.e4, and 5.c3. with 5…cxd4 and 6…Bg4 I put pressure on his d4 center pawn. After 7…Bxf3 I expected White to accept doubled f-pawns with 8.gxf3, but he surprised me by sacrificing the d-pawn with 8.Qxf3. With 11…Nf6 and 12…0-0 I secured my K and 13…Qb6 allowed me to exchange Qs, further reducing any danger to my K. After 17…Ng4, Black is basically a very solid pawn ahead in a 2R+N ending. After 22.Nxd1 all the rs have been exchanged leaving Black a pure pawn plus Knight ending. From there basic endgame play as both side centralized their Ks. With 34…Nb5+ I forced the exchange of Knights leading to a routine in the K and pawns ending. With 38…f5 I am making an outside passed pawn, so White resigned.

GM Ron W Henley 2879 — Rodent 1823, French Defence

Against 1.e4 Black trotted out the sturdy French Defence which I countered with the Advance Variation. Black selected the closed positional system with 3…b6, 4…Qd7, and 5…Ba6 which is designed to exchange off the chonically “Bad B” that French players suffer with. I experimented with 6.Bc2 and was rewarded when he continued in routine with Nb8-c6-a5 and 9.Bxe2 giving White the B pair and space advantage. I started probing his kingside with 11.Bg5 and began building for the f4-f5 pawn break with 13.f4 and 15.Rf1. His retreat 15…Nc6 ran into the powerful pin 16.Ba4! which required him to loosen his queenside (16…a6, 17…b5) in order to break. With my Knight anchored in on c5 (19.Nb3, 20.Nc5) I reduced his counterplay and kept his K in the center with 21.Bxe7!? with 22.a4 and 24.b4 followed by 25.Bd1, Bc2 and 27.Qd3! I overpowered his b5 defensive capabilities. After 28.Rxa4 his a6 pawn is a attacked 4 times and is a goner. Mobilization with 29.Rfa1 led to the powerful break thru 30.b5! due to the pin on the a-file. With 31.Rxa6, 32.Ra8, 33.R1a7 my Rs came flooding into the black position. When the black K tried to flee with 33…Ke7, 34.Rxc7+ collected a second pawn and brought resignation. After 34…Kd8 35.Rd7+ Kc8 36.R8-a7, white threatens 37.Ra-c7 mate.

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