Anand vs Boris Gelfand – The Anti-Grunfeld – World Chess Championship – 2012

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Anand opens with d4 and employs the Anti-Grunfeld Variation with 3. f3 – however Gelfand continues with the Grunfeld Defense with 3. …d5 anyways. With 9. d5 and 10. h4 Anand declares his intentions to close the center and commence a kingside attack – forcing Gelfand to play extremely actively in the center to distract white. With 16. …e4! Gelfand breaks open the center and the h8-a1 diagonal for his dark-squared bishop, however Anand reacts calmly with 17. Bd4. With 18. …Qa5 Gelfand sacrifices a pawn to achieve a drastic liquidation of 2 pairs of minor pieces and the queens, leaving black down a pawn but with excellent compensation in the form of energetic coordination. Although Anand emerges from the complications with an extra past pawn on d6, Gelfand is able to draw the game fairly easily due to the constant threats against white’s king due to black’s connected rooks on the 2nd rank.

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