Kingscrusher vs ChessNetwork ⚡ Blitz Chess

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In this video, FIDE Master William Stewart analyses an absolutely insane blitz chess battle between the popular YouTube personalities of Kingscrusher (Tryfon Gavriel) and Jerry of the ChessNetwork.

We thoroughly recommend checking out both Kingscrusher’s and ChessNetwork’s YouTube channels as they have some excellent and entertaining content.

This blitz chess battle starts off with Kingscrusher playing 1. e4. ChessNetwork responds with the Sicilian Defense, and White subsequently responds with the Closed Sicilian Attack. It’s notable that White employs a variation with Nf3 that the great Boris Spassky used to play in the 1960s and 1970s.

ChessNetwork jumps on the somewhat tame 7. d3 with 7. …d5! — this grants black an excellent space advantage, as well as activity in the center of the board. Things really started heating up with Kingscrusher’s 11. f5!? and the reply 11. …Nb4 and 12. …d4. This leads to White sacrificing a pawn with 13. Ne4!? (13. fxe6 was also possible).

At this point, it seems as though Black has a great position with an extra pawn, but every single move counts – Black moves his knight into a potentially dangerous pin with 17. …Nd5?! Kingscrusher is quick to pounce with 19. Nh4 and now the tactics start to turn in White’s favor.

With 24. Nd6! white wins a piece and leaves Black with only a pawn in compensation. However, ChessNetwork is a very resourceful player and is able to achieve a position of relative equality in the ensuing struggle.

Blitz chess does have extra issues to worry about than classic games. In this case, ChessNetwork finds himself in immense time trouble and makes a mouse slip, handing the game back to Kingscrusher.

This game is very instructive in that you must play extremely aggressively and actively at all times — even if you are up a piece!

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