Live Blitz – Grandmaster Ron Henley – (Chess Openings: Dzindzi Indian, Sniper Accelerated Dragon)


Ernaldo 2100 — GM Ron W Henley 2879: Dzindzi Indian: Against my Dzindzi Indian, White essayed 6 Bd2, followed by a plan of 7.f3 and 8.Qc2 clearly building for the 9.e4 advance. I chose to counter by staking my claim in the center with 8…e5!? My 9…f4 locked the center and gained black space on the kingside. With 11.g3 and 12.h4 looked to undermine my dark square pawn chain. White connected his Rs with 14.0-0-0 and 15.Bg2, but 15…Nb6! Reminded him of the chronic weak pawn on c4. With 16…Bd7 I moved closer to connecting my Rooks, but 16…Qe8! followed by 17…Qa4 would have collapsed the white queenside. White’s 13.g4?! and 22.h5?! locked up the kingside. With my K secure on g7 I used my superior mobility – 22…Rb8 to regroup — 23…Na4,24…Qa5, 25…Qc7, 26…a6! to build for the 27…b5! pawn advance. The powerful 28…Nb6! and 29…Nxc4 secured control of the beautiful c4 outpost for my knight. However the shot 28…Nb2!! was even more forceful! With 30…Na5 I threatened to trap the white Rook on a6 and in the final position 35…Bb5 completed the job.

Czechmate 2208 – GM Ron W Henley 2879 – Sniper Accelerated Dragon — 4.dxc5: I started out to play the Accelerated Dragon, but my opponent loves a good tactical brawl and so I used the SNIPER move order to avoid the 4.Qxd4 variation. After 4.dxc5 Qa5+ he offered the pawn sacrifice with 5.Nc3. My “Sniper Investment” 4…Bxc3+! Is covered in Games 10 and 12 of Crushing White: The Sniper! Volume 1. With 7…Qxc5 I grab an extra pawn and then hunker down with the solid 8…d6,10…Nbd7, 12…b6 formation. White’s only central pawn break against this rock solid setup is e4-e5. However, my 13…e5! froze the respective e-pawns and left the position semi-blocked where knights can be quite effective. With 16…Nc5 and 17…Bb7 I began overpowering his e4 pawn. White flailed away at my king with 18.Bc1 and 19.Qh6+, but lacked any serious follow thru. After 20…Nfxe4! I had secured a second pawn and freed my f-pawn. With 21…Nxg5 and 22…f6! there was no longer any danger of being mated. Mobilization of the Rooks — 23…Rad8, 25…Rf7 and 26…Qb7 paved the way for the freeing advance 27…d5! After 29…Rfd7 and 32…Qd5 my major pieces are tripled on the d-file and note I have free use of the light squares. White’s fishing expedition 33.Qc8 was followed by the blunder 34.Qb7? — making my task easier.

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