Chess is Child’s Play – Trailer – by Laura Sherman (Teach your children how to play chess)

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I am pleased to present the book trailer for Chess Is Child’s Play!

This book project is near and dear to my heart. Ever since I was a young child I wanted to help people learn to play chess and achieve the benefits one can gain from the game.

When my husband and I started Your Chess Coach, our chess instruction business, we quickly realized that children naturally love chess. Their eyes sparkle at the idea of learning to play. However we discovered that many parents are intimidated by the game. It seems there is a rumor that one must be a MENSA genius to even own a chess set! It’s simply not true.

The only book you’ll need as a parent to teach your kids chess!

A number of parents confided in me over the years that they did try to learn the game, but found the little single page inserts that come with the chess set confusing (some even have errors). They were also put off by the small diagrams in various “beginner” books at their local stores. They wanted to learn, but had no resources.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I started teaching some of the moms and dads to play. I would offer them a free lesson if we were teaching their child. I’d only ask for a cup of coffee (we’d usually meet at Starbucks) and a scone (because I was hungry a lot of the time).

The tradition stuck and I continued to offer parents my “coffee and a scone” deal. I’d use the same techniques I’d use with their children, teaching them in a very step-by-step way. Quite a few let me know that they felt relief at realizing that they could indeed learn the game. They were happy that they could now play a game with their child!

Bill Kilpatrick and I created Chess Is Child’s Play with teaching techniques that any parent can apply with their young child. We hope you enjoy this trailer and share it with your friends!


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