Grandmaster Live Blitz – Accelerated Dragon / Pirc Defense


Azzuri 1600 — GM Ron W Henley 2870 – Against my Accelerated Dragon, White played 7.f3 and 8.Qd2, which allowed immediate equality with 8…d5! White responded by exchanging knights on c6 and pawns on d5, but this just gives black pawn control in the center. With 17…e5 I established the e5/d5 pawn duo and after 25.fxe5 fxe5 I secured a connected passed e-pawn. I took over the f-file — 26…Rf8 and 29…Be5 began aiming at the white kingside. The bishop relocation maneuver 30…Bb8, 31…Ba7! Threatened d4 and e3 advances taking aim at the white K. After collecting the exchange -32…Bxd4 I exchanged Q — 35…Qf5 36.Qxf5 gxf5. After rook penetration – 37…Rc2! White is lost since 38.Bd1 Rc1 pins the B or 38.Be8 Bc6 (38…e2 wins) is simplest — thus White lost on time.

GM Ron W Henley 2870 — F8 – Against the Pirc Defense, I chose 4.Bc4 and 5.Qe2. This quiet looking system is an old favorite from my youth and contains a drop of poison if Black does not find active counter play — as happened in this game. White’s plan is an early e5 followed by rapid queenside castling and a kingside attack. With 6.e5 and 8.f4 I drove Black’s knight from f6 and secured a space advantage in the center. With 9.h3 and 10.g4! I drove the knight back to h6 where he remaind out of play until the game ended. With 15.Nxc5 I collected a pawn and 17.0-0-0 secured my K and began controlling the d-file. 19.Be4! and 21.Bxf8 exchanged off all the bishops. 22.Rd6 and 23.Rhd1 secured control of the open d-file. After the Q exchange — 24…Qxc4, the knight maneuver 28.Nd2, 29.Ne4 30.Nd6 forced the exchange of one pair of rooks and left Black a pawn down with his rook, knight and K in a hopeless box.

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