Live Blitz with Grandmaster Ron W. Henley (Chess Openings: Sniper Sicilian, Dzindzi Indian)


Game 1: Shafkat 1569 — GM Ron W Henley 2879: Sniper Sicilian – Opening –
Against 1.e4 I attempted my favorite Accelerated Dragon Sicilian, but I used the Sniper mover order with 3…Bg7 to avoid the 3…cxd4 4.Qxd4 variation. After White’s 4.Be3 I played the sharp 4…Nf6!? With 5…Nxe4 I recouped my pawn, and 6…Qa5+ followed by 7…Nxc5 and 8…Nxd3+ allowed me to win a pawn and score the B pair. I should have followed 14…Qxb4 pocketing a second pawn) with 15…Qa5! With 16…Bd7, 17…Rac8 and 19…Rfd8 I mobilized in the center. I established the powerful central pawn e5/d5 with 26…e5 and 31…d5, which set the stage for the central breakthrough — 32…d4! The pin 33…Bd5 followed by 34…Rxc3 allowed me to crash into the white position. Four consecutive R moves led to a thematic R + B mate on h1.

Game 2: Ernaldo 2100 — GM Ron W Henley 2879: Dzindzi Indian 6.f3 – Opening – White opened with 1.d4 and after 4…Bxc3+!/5….f5! I had arrived at my favorite Dzindzi Indian Defense. White opted for 6.f3 preparing to build a big center with 7.e4. White’s 7.Bg5 and 8.Bxf6 allowed him to execute the 9.e4 advance, but with two sets of minors exchanged, Black has the e5 square, better bishop and better pawn structure. With 14…Bd7 and 15…Rae8 I completed my development. The shot – 17…Ng4! uncorked the double threats of 18…Ne3 and 18…Qxe4. After winning the exchange with the knight fork – 18…Ne3, the pawn advance 20…f5 opened the e and f-files for my major pieces. Penetration with 23…Qe2 followed by 24…Qxc4 saw the white position collapse.

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