New Chess Openings: The Dzindzi Indian – 8. dxe6 variation

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In the previous video in this series I discussed one of the more dangerous lines white can employ against the Dzindzi Indian, utilizing a rapid pawn sacrifice with 6. e4!? to exploit black’s temporary difficulty in developing. In that video, I recommended for black to take with 6. …fxe4 however ignore the pawn sacrifice 7. f3 and instead focus on development and activity in the center with 7. …e5! – opening up threats with black’s queen on the d8-h4 diagonal and staking a claim to the center for black. In this video I will examine black’s options if white captures en passant with 8. dxe6 – immediately trying to open the position. While this line is certainly dangerous, if black is aware of common pitfalls in this position he can certainly arrive to the middlegame with an equal and active position.

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