The Dzindzi Indian – Overcoming the Theoretical Challenge (6.e4)

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The Dzindzi Indian is a sideline that involves a lot of pawn moves very early in the opening, attacking white’s structure head on from the beginning with the idea of obtaining a long-term advantage in pawn structure. However, if black isn’t careful this can lead to white gaining a lead in development which can be downright devastating. In this video I examine white’s main “Theoretical Challenge” against the Dzindzi Indian, involving a rapid pawn sacrifice with 6. e4!? and 7. f3!? — immediately seizing the initiative and enabling rapid threats against black’s kingside and center if black accepts the pawn with 7. …exf3?! However, if black pragmatically refuses to accept white’s gambit he is more than capable of neutralizing white’s initiative and creating active counterplay in the center.


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