Live Blitz Rapidchess – Pirc Defense – WStewart vs ubaldoribeir

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I opened with e4 and black played the Pirc Defense. I employed a flexible move order, however black took advantage of my lengthy maneuvers with the aggressive 9. …b5! although after 10. …b4 11. Nb5!? I was able to achieve some interesting pressure on the queenside. Black fought actively with 12. …h5!? and went on to sacrifice a piece with 15. …Nexd5!? I think white had more than ample compensation for the piece, although I took way too much time in the ensuing complications. With bad time trouble coming fast, I tried to move quickly with 27. Be2?? but this just loses the game. Much better was the simple 27. Nb3 – closing the b-file and protecting the white king. Although I had completely dropped a rook, I decided to play on and try to flag my opponent although I was down a lot of time. My desperation play actually worked, and thanks to the help of some solid pre-moving I was able to confuse my opponent for the win!

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