The Dzindzi Indian – Kingside Fianchetto with GM Ron Henley

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The Dzindzi Indian is an extremely offbeat variation — and that’s exactly what makes it so dangerous! The effect of this surprising opening system can be devastating on the unprepared opponent, often forcing defensive gut reactions to this very different type of set-up. In this video on the Kingside Fianchetto Variation for white, we will examine black’s typical sources of counterplay against white’s disrupted center. I recommend that black plays to immediately establish pressure on white’s clumsy doubled pawns on c3 and c4 with early …Qa5, …Nd7-Nb6 maneuvers. It is also a great idea to remember the …Qa5-Qa6 idea, similar to variations in the Nimzo-Indian where black changes his focal point on those pawns to exploit white’s difficulty in defending them. Combining this pressure with castling queenside where position is closed, black will have a free hand to attack white’s kingside with pressure on the h-file. It is frequent in the Dzindzi Indian that black will completely tie down white’s pieces to the defense of the doubled c3 and c4 pawns and the defense of white’s kingside, to break the position open in the center with …e5 to fully exploit white’s lack of fluid coordination.


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