Chess Openings – Slav Defense – Part 2 – Main Lines

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In part 2 of the Slav Defense, Beginner Chess Openings series I examine other main lines in the Schallopp Variation – specifically revolving around early Nc3 and Nf3 lines. In part 1 I examined the typical plans for black against early Nf3 and e3 main lines for white, and in part 3 of this Beginner Chess Opening series I will take a look at what to play against the Exchange Variation. As you go through this series and prepare to add the Slav Defense to your opening repertoire, you should definitely keep in mind that the basic principles of the opening still apply. Play to control the center and make this your first priority in the opening. Strive to develop your pieces and make a new threat with every move, setting your opponent new problems at every possible chance. Due to the closed/stable nature of most positions in the Schallopp Variation of the Slav Defense, it is often that you can wait to decide where you want to castle and guard your king but it should definitely be done before the position opens. [highlight]It is very important to avoid memorization of specific move orders and instead try to understand the reasons behind the moves.[/highlight] In the video for Part 2 of the Slav Defense, Chess Openings for Beginners series I take a look at 4 different plans that white might try to attack you with.

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