Queen’s Gambit – Tata Steel 2012 Anish Giri vs Levon Aronian – Queens Gambit

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Tata Steel Chess 2012 was one of the strongest chess tournaments ever, boasting an average FIDE rating of 2755 in a field of 14 of the world’s best grandmasters. Aronian won the event at +2.5 with an incredible 9/13 points via 7 wins, 4 draws, and 2 losses. Ironically, Aronian’s only losses of the event came at the hands of the highest rated Magnus Carlsen at 2835 FIDE and the 2nd-lowest rated David Navara at only 2712 FIDE. While Carlsen was the hands-down favorite to win the event, a 2nd place finish can hardly be considered a disappointment for the world’s highest rated player. Carlsen is currently on track to break Garry Kasparov’s record for the highest chess rating ever recorded, and has legitimately established a reputation of domination among the world’s elite chess players. However at times, Carlsen teetered on the edge of absolute disaster and I have no idea how he got away with a win against Topalov in round 11 and a draw against Kamsky in round 12!

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