$1,000 MASSIVE CHESS GIVEAWAY CONTEST – “Amateur Brilliancy” Prize

♕ MORE CONTEST INFO: http://www.iChess.net/2011/12/11/massive-1000-prize-amateur-brilliancy-prize-giveaway/


1st Place — EST retail value $600 -$700

$100 ChessCube Crowns ~ $100 (not redeemable for cash)
Your game co-annotated by GM Ron W Henley and NM William Stewart ~ $50
10 disc DVD set of games from Kevin of TheChessWebsite.com ~ $80
3 hours of one-on-one training with NM Stewart ~$100
Selection of 3 books from chess4less.com discount book section ~ $50
3 most recent issues of ChessBase, special editions with DVD (hours of content) ~$60
Karpov on Fischer — 3 DVDs by GM Ron W Henley (Volumes 1,2,3) — ~ $60
Crushing White: The Dzindi Indian — 3 DVDS — Volumes 1,2,3 — $60
The Dzindi Indian — 2 Matching hardcover books with corresponding games ~ $60
2011 World Championship Tactics Book signed by GM Ron W Henley ~ $30
William Stewart’s Beginner eBook + DVD (When it comes out in April) ~ $30
Chess is Child’s Play — Hardcover signed book by Laura Sherman (ships April, 2012) ~ $30
2nd and 3rd Place — EST retail value $200-$250

Your brilliancy game co-annotated by GM Ron W Henley and William Stewart
$25 in ChessCube Crowns (Not redeemable for cash)
One hour of free instruction/consultation by NM William Stewart
One book from the discount section of chess4less.com (Over 50 books to choose from)
Chessbase Issues: Aug 11, Oct 11 & Dec 11, premium ed. with matching DVDs
2011 World Chess Championship Tactics Book — Signed by GM Ron W Henley
William Stewart’s Beginner eBook / DVD when it comes out.
How to Participate

You need to send me a PGN of your own favorite game info (@) iChess. net (SUBJECT line CONTEST) of your favorite game along with why you think the game was a brilliancy and why you deserve to win (One game per person, one game per e-mail). You’ll also need to subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook. The game must be submitted by January 15th, 2012

What happens next?

On January 18th I will post my 8 favorite submission to the website where you users will have 10 days to vote on your favorite game. 1st place winner will get the first prize, 2nd and 3rd place will both receive the runner-up prize. On January 28th, I will announce the winner. Your prizes will go out shortly after.

Rules / Regulations / Who Qualifies

You must be over 13 years old.
You must be a subscriber on YouTube and Facebook (and couldn’t hurt to follow us on Twitter as well.
You cannot have a FIDE title (FM, IM, GM)
It must be YOUR OWN game
During the final votes, if I suspect people of cheating (I.E. telling your friends to vote for your game, voting twice and that sort of thing) you will be disqualified.


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