Alexei Shirov vs Mark Bluvshtein – Grandmaster Interview Series

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Mark Bluvshtein began his journey to Canadian chess record-breaking by moving from Russia to Israel at the age of 5, and finally immigrating to Canada at the age of 11. Bluvshtein didn’t waste much time, in the same year becoming the youngest Canadian chess player to achieve the National Master title at age 11. Bluvshtein continued dominating the chess scene, becoming the youngest Canadian to achieve the International Master title at age 13. In 2004, Bluvshtein obtained the International Grandmaster Title at the age of 16, also becoming the youngest Canadian to ever obtain this title. Bluvshtein’s young career has been distinguished by his rapid development and natural attacking style, as well as startling wins over famous grandmasters like Alexey Shirov, Nigel Short, and Vladimir Epishin. We would like to thank GM Mark Bluvshtein for taking the time to participate in our How to Be a Grandmaster Series

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