GrandMaster Interview and Game – GM Yaroslav Zhrebukh (interview) vs. GM Anton Kovalyov

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Yaroslav Zhrebukh (FIDE 2780) is a 17 year old Grandmaster from the Ukraine who earned the GM title when he was only 15 years old! He is in the top 10 highest rated U18 players in the world and shows tons of potential to become a top 2700+ super GM within the next few years with many convincing wins against many super GMs such as Pavel Elijanov and David Navara. We hope to see more of this talented young man in coming years.

This game is from the Cappelle la Grande 2010, which was the first tournament that really brought him to the spotlight. At only 16 years old he won in first place in the tournament over 82 GMs and 61 IMs.

Zhrebuk particularly enjoyed this game and asked us to cover it, you can see his own commentary of this game here. The game features some fantastically creative play between 2 young chess prodigies but I don’t want to give too much away. Here is what Zhrebukh had to say about the game
This victory began my seria of three consecutive wins against strong opponents, what finally allowed me to win the tournament! Fortune really favoured me. My opponent in the sixth round was a seventeen-year-old boy who also was as ambitious guy as me:) Trying to prove that I’m not worse than my coevals, I did all my best and the game happened to be very nice. Hope you will enjoy it too. Rest of his kibitzing commentary available here: (

(Sidenote: Grzegorz Gajewski won the same tournament in 2011 who we also interviewed last month

PGN of the game and kibitzing available here:

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