Hikaru Nakamura Vs A.J. Goldsby — 2003 Dos Hermanas Internet Blitz – Chessgames.com

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This one is for ChessGames.com that I’ve received multiple requests to cover. Please enjoy!

Hikaru Nakamura Vs A.J. Goldsby — 2003 Dos Hermanas Internet Blitz Tournament: Nakamura opens with d4, countered by a Slav Defense by Goldsby. Black then takes the opening into the sharp Meran Defense, which might not have been the best way to combat Nakamura’s dynamic, attacking style of play. I’m not a huge fan of 13. …h6 and believe that passive, defensive moves in sharp, tactical positions are difficult to convert to victory. I believe that the decisive mistake by black occurred on 22. …qf8, after which he was unable to achieve any legitimate counter-play against white’s crushing attack. A very nice attacking game by then 16-year old Hikaru Nakamura, demonstrating the flashy tactical ability that would come to define his outstanding career.

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