GM Aleksandr Shimanov Vs GM Wang Hao – Russian Team Championship 2011

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Shimanov opens with d4, and Hao responds with the Nimzo-Indian. White continues with a slower, positional line aimed at obtaining a lasting advantage with the two bishops, however black fails to oblige. White is unable to achieve sufficient counterplay in the form of gaining space and attacking on the kingside. Black clamps down on the queenside, wins a pawn, and proceeds to win an exchange as a result of his impending positional bind. Very smooth positional win by the up-and-coming prodigy Wang Hao of China.

The individual scores of the winning SHSM-64 team:

Name Elo FED
1 Gelfand Boris 2733 ISR 2.0/4.0
2 Wang Hao 2728 CHN 4.5/6.0
3 Caruana Fabiano 2716 ITA 8.0/10.0
4 Giri Anish 2690 NED 5.5/9.0
5 Riazantsev Alexander 2679 RUS 7.0/11.0
6 Potkin Vladimir 2653 RUS 5.5/8.0
7 Grachev Boris 2675 RUS 6.0/8.0
8 Najer Evgeniy 2638 RUS 8.5/10.0

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