GM Pavel Eljanov Vs GM Valerij Popov – 2011 Russian Team Championship Chess

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This game is a fantastic example of how to turn a positional advantage into a decisive attack. The opening begins as a Queens Gambit then into a Slav Defense and Eljanov quickly gains the advantage of the two bishops. He also acquires a space advantage early on, and manages to exploit both of these factors to gain a solid positional victory.

The individual scores of the winning SHSM-64 team:

Name Elo FED
1 Gelfand Boris 2733 ISR 2.0/4.0
2 Wang Hao 2728 CHN 4.5/6.0
3 Caruana Fabiano 2716 ITA 8.0/10.0
4 Giri Anish 2690 NED 5.5/9.0
5 Riazantsev Alexander 2679 RUS 7.0/11.0
6 Potkin Vladimir 2653 RUS 5.5/8.0
7 Grachev Boris 2675 RUS 6.0/8.0
8 Najer Evgeniy 2638 RUS 8.5/10.0

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