WGM Jennifer Shahade vs Chess Tweets – Game #3 – Opening Najdorf Fischer-Sozin

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This video shows an early ChessTweets game against (WGM 23) Jennifer Shahade, a 2-time USA Women’s Champion. Shahade (not to be confused with her brother!, (IM) Greg Shahade) played a nice line in the Najdorf as black against ChessTweets Bc4 (Fischer-Sozin Variation). An early and appropriately timed Ng4 by Shahade enabled black to gain the advantage of the bishops and rapidly seize the initiative. After this tactical melee, black was able to maintain the initiative into the endgame and achieve a very favorable game with an extra pawn And a knight against a very bad bishop. This endgame is very instructive in that black would win this 9/10 times with this fantastic knight against this terrible bishop, even without the extra pawn!! Despite Shahade’s great position she was automatically forfeited due to her inactivity over 10 days so ChessTweets remained undefeated at the time!

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