Amber Chess Tournament 2011 – Grandmaster Gelfand vs GM Kramnik- Round 5 Rapidplay (FIXED AUDIO)

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Analysis by NM Will Stewart. Continuing my coverage of Amber 2011, this video analyzes the Round 5 Rapid game between two of the World’s Best – Boris Gelfand and Vladimir Kramnik. Gelfand opened with his queen pawn to d4, and Kramnik took matters into a Nimzo-Indian. Gelfand played to close the center and gain space with an early c5, which later became more of a weakness than a strength. Kramnik played excellently, displaying his exceptional patience to continuously build on small advantages, and won the game with a solid tactical display. Also of interest, both players are having a tough tournament thus far, so they were definitely looking to put some points on the board with an aggressive win today. Great game by Vladimir Kramnik.

Amber is well-known because of it’s unique format – half of the tournament is Blindfold Chess, and the other half is Rapid Chess (25 min, 30 sec increment).

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