Blindfold Chess – GM Nakamura vs GM Ivanchuk – Amber 2011, Round 3 – Grandmasters – Part 2 of 2

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Round 3 of Amber 2011 in Monte-Carlo between Vassily Ivanchuk and Hikaru Nakamura. A fantastic Blindfold game played by Nakamura, who was off to somewhat of a slow start in this eccentric tournament. To clarify, Amber has been great tournament throughout the years, displaying the best in the worlds’s Blindfold and Rapid chess skills. Last year, wunderkind Magnus Carlsen tied for first in this event, and he is off to a fantastic start once again. As for the showcased game in this video, Nakamura played aggressively in the opening, confidently seized the initiative, and legitimately converted his advantage with the help of some solid chess tactics.


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