Another Bishop Pair From Hell || Artemiev vs Anand || GCT Superbet Rapid (2019)

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Vladislav Artemiev vs Viswanathan Anand
Superbet Rapid & Blitz (2019), Bucharest, Rom, rd 1, Nov-06
English, Bremen, reverse dragon (A22)

1. Nf3 d5 2. g3 c5 3. Bg2 Nf6 4. O-O g6 5. d4 cxd4 6. Nxd4 Bg7 7. Nb3 Nc6 8. Nc3 e6 9. a4 O-O 10. a5 Re8 11. Re1 Rb8 12. Bf4 e5 13. Bg5 d4 14. Ne4 Bf5 15. a6 b6 16. Nxf6+ Bxf6 17. Bxc6 Bxg5 18. Bxe8 Qxe8 19. h4 Bh6 20. c3 Rc8 21. Nd2 e4 22. Nf1 dxc3 23. bxc3 e3 24. Qa4 Bd7 25. Qd4 exf2+ 26. Qxf2 Rxc3 27. Rad1 Bf8 28. Qf4 Bb5 29. Kh2 Bxa6 30. Ra1 Bb7 31. Rxa7 Qc6 32. Ne3 Bd6 33. Qd4 Rxe3 34. Rxb7 Bxg3+ 35. Kg1 Qxb7 36. Qd8+ Kg7 37. Qd4+ Re5

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The Superbet Rapid & Blitz, taking place in the Stejarii Country Club in Bucharest, Romania from 6-10 November, is the 6th stage of the 2019 Grand Chess Tour, a series of 8 events in which the world’s best players compete for a total prize fund of $1.75 million. 7 of the 12 tour regulars, Caruana, Giri, Mamedyarov, Anand, Aronian, Karjakin and So, are joined by event wild cards Artemiev, Le Quang Liem and Korobov.

The rapid event is a 10-player single round-robin and features 3 rounds each day on the first 3 days, with a time control of 25 minutes for all moves and a 10-second delay from move 1. The final 2 days are a blitz double round-robin, with 18 rounds of 5 minutes + 3-second delay blitz. Rapid games count double, with 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw. Official website:

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