Combat ⚔ the Annoying Alapin – IM Valeri Lilov [Lilov Chess Institute]


Combat the Annoying Alapin

Every Sicilian player knows that the Club players tend to avoid the main lines and play some anti-Sicilian line. And that’s frustrating. After spending hours studying the main paths, then everybody play another thing!

So, it would be fabulous to have an easy-to-play variation against each of them, that can be learn in just a few minutes AND that surprises the opponent gaining the psychological advantage.

That’s what IM Valery Lilov offer us in this FREE PREVIEW of his best-seller course Opening Repertoire for Black (Openings for Club Players). In fact, he presents two great variations against it!

In the first one, que opts for a comfortable development and space advantage, like in the position on the right.Alapin

Here Black have more central control, better development and more active pieces. Both bishops are pointing to the white kingside!

Black can even continue with …Qf6 or …Re6, and start launching an attack.

As Lilov explains, Black not necessary is better here, but he has the more pleasant position and so his play is easier. That’s more than you can ask for the main lines of the Alapin!

But, if you are a little worried about the isolated queen pawn, then Lilov suggest you another good option, that lead to positions like the one in the left.Alapin

Here, Black has, again, an easy development, and the only central pawn, which gives him every chance to take the center and dominate the position from it.

So, Lilov explains two different options against the Alapin, that you can use depending in your style and, also, depending on the style of your opponent. And all these in 20 minutes!

If you need very practical tips on how to play against any opening with Black, then the best-seller course Opening Repertoire for Black (Openings for Club Players) of IM Valeri Lilov is what you need. Prepare against your next opponent a few minutes before the game, and win!

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