The Colle System – Plans, Structures, Patterns, Variations Β· Chess Openings

The Colle System is a name for two different system openings – the Colle-Koltakowski and the Colle-Zukertort, differentiated by where you develop the c1 bishop.

In this video I am covering both Colle systems in a way I hope will be easy to understand and apply in your own games. As with most other system openings, the Colle doesn’t require much theoretical knowledge, nor will will you have to learn engine lines 20 moves in depth, instead, ideas, plans and patters are what will make you understand the opening. So I tried to structure the video in such a way, showing main ideas in the Colle, where, and when to maneuver your pieces, and how to start an attack.

00:00 Introduction
05:03 Colle-Koltanowski
31:49 Colle-Zukertort

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