How to PUNISH Bg5 Pin on Your Knight? [Common Opening Mistake]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will teach you how to deal with the annoying pins on your knights when your opponents play Bg4 or Bg5. You will learn the scenarios when this move is playable and when it is a bad mistake (or opening error).

Most amateur chess players play this move without a clear purpose. And sadly, most players don’t know how to punish this opening mistake either. That is exactly what you will learn from this video lesson. You will also learn how to launch a devastating kingside attack on your opponent’s castled king.

► Chapters

00:00 2 Most Common Chess Opening Mistakes
00:12 Most common mistake in opening stage
00:55 How to deal with Bg5 pin on your knight?
03:06 Playing Bg4/Bg5 pin after they castle
04:21 Punishing Bg5 pin before you castle
05:48 How to find attacking moves in any position
06:09 Winning attack on the castled king
07:53 Example: Attacking the castled king

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