Converting a winning attacking position · Road to GM, Game 247

This was a tough game. I made a mistake early on and was forced to defend a worse position with my king stuck in the center and my opponent’s kingside pawns relentlessly advancing towards it.

I was unaware of just how dangerous and bad my position was. I knew I was worse but, luckily, thought that it was simply “complicated”, and that with precise play I could defend against the attack successfully and turn things around. Which is exactly what happened, but it shouldn’t have.

My opponent gave up the exchange, which was definitely correct. He had other good ideas, but simply ignoring my only threat was good enough. And I was lost once I took it. The conversion would have been fairly easy had he found one sequence. Instead, he waited a bit too long with a key pawn advance, and even blundered a whole knight to a simple fork. After that, of course, I did manage to defend and win.

Tomic S. (2001) – Bezdek T. (1855)
London System
Liberec Open 2022, Round 6

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