Remember this name ยท Road to GM, Game 218

I played an 8 year old prodigy in a complicated strategic battle.

This is my round 1 game from Zadar open, the first of two tournaments I played during the break from recording. Usually you don’t expect to play a very serious game in the first round when you get paired massively down. This was quite the opposite. My opponent was an 8 year old kid, extremely talented, and already very skilled and backed up with a ton of knowledge. It was a tough game!

We played a symmetrical London System, in which he went for the tricky Bbx1 line instantly. We ended up in an IQP position which he understood well, but failed to defend properly. In a few years, he will be a veeery strong player.

Tomic S. (1982) – Mocic I. (1349)
London System
Zadar Open 2021, Round 1

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