1.b3 Chess Opening for White (More POWERFUL Than You Think!)

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🔹 1.b3 Part-2 – https://youtu.be/ONRfnAhtnpI

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you an universal chess opening for White, 1.b3 – it is called as the Larsen’s Opening, or the Nimzo–Larsen Attack, or the Queen’s Fianchetto Opening.

The flank opening move 1.b3 prepares to fianchetto the queen’s bishop where it will help control the central squares in hypermodern fashion and put useful pressure on Black’s kingside. The b2-bishop is often a source of recurring irritation for Black, who should not treat it lightly.

You will learn the common ideas for White if Black plays 1…e5 or 1…d5, which are the most common replies. GM Igor Smirnov tests your knowledge at the end with the famous game where the Indian grandmaster Adhiban Baskaran beat David Navara in just 9 moves in this opening.

► Chapters

00:00 1.b3 chess opening (Larsen’s Opening)
00:46 Line-1: Black plays 1…e5
02:03 New idea: Undermine Black’s center
04:32 If Black castles queenside
05:02 If Black castles kingside
05:58 Black playing similar setup 1.e4 b6
07:07 Terrible blunder by Black
11:16 Line-2: Black plays 1…d5
13:16 White’s attacking plan
14:38 If Black is well prepared
16:03 If Black plays b6
16:55 Quiz: Adhiban won in 9 moves

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