Strategy in a brutal middlegame · Road to GM, Game 204

This middlegame was extremely complex. Finding strategic plans was a struggle. But I guess you improve your strategic chess with games like this one.

Creating plans when there is a lot going on in a middlegame position is very hard. Especially when it’s way clearer what your opponent wants to do then what you should be aiming for. For the majority of the game, I shuffled my pieces around unnecessarily, whily my opponent made purposeful moves which made sense. Thus my advantage, later the equality I held slowly evaporated, steering the game in his direction, making the position easier for him to play, and making it even harder for me to play correctly.

I simply got destroyed in this one. Strategically outplayed by a very strong opponent. It was a great training session with an IM.

IM Šale (2399) – Tomic (1942)
King’s Indian Attack
I A Liga, Round 7

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