Crush the King’s Indian Defense 👊 IM Nazi Paikidze [Empire Chess]

Finding it tough to face those annoying King’s Indian Defense players? 🤔 You’re not alone! In her new course, U.S Women’s Chess Champion IM Nazi Paikidze has a repertoire that’ll really give black problems. Get instant access with 35% off. ►

The King‘s Indian Defense is a popular and ambitious chess opening for Black against 1.d4 and occurs after the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7.

From club players to Super-GMs like Hikaru Nakamura, Teimour Radjabov or Garry Kasparov, you regularly see this opening arising on the chess board. The great Garry Kasparov even used it in last year’s Ultimate Blitz event against Caruana, Nakamura, and Wesley So.

Many 1.d4 players don’t like facing the King’s Indian Defense because of its complex and counterattacking character. No worries – help is at hand! The 2018 U.S. Women’s Chess Champion IM Nazi Paikidze (peak Rating 2455) is here to show you how to deal with the King’s Indian Defense from White’s point of view.

This video is a free preview of IM Paikidze’s new course, How to Beat the King’s Indian. In the preview, IM Paikidze takes a look at the four-pawns attack. It’s the most aggressive setup for White against the King’s Indian Defense. It occurs after the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.f4.

Generally speaking, the Four Pawns Attack leads to sharp tactical play and wild positions. It suits White players who like to play aggressively and go for the full point at all costs. Positional players who like calm, maneuvering play should better stick to another variation against the King’s Indian Defense.

In the full course, IM Paikidze analyzes the best ways to counter this dynamic opening, providing you with several easy-to-learn and effective setups to crush those King’s Indian players!

By diving deep into 5 different variations for White, ranging from the super-solid Fianchetto System to the wildly complicated Classical Variation, IM Paikidze helps you choose the ideal setup for your playing style, the tournament situation, and other personal preferences.

Studying these five variations will give you a complete understanding of battling the King’s Indian Defense and IM Paikidze trains you in all the typical recurring tactical and positional patterns for both sides.

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