Smith-Morra Gambit ⎸Sicilian Defense Theory

The Smith-Morra Gambit is a very dangerous surprise weapon for white to have in his repertoire against the Sicilian.

Introduction to the Sicilian Defense:
If you’re looking for a less risky variation, I have covered several and you can find the videos on them in the playlist:

Facing the 1…c5 is a problem for many e4 players, and there are many who find it the most difficult opening to face. Some even choose d4 over e4 simply because they wish to avoid the Sicilian. I have always played e4. Exclusively. And the Sicilian has been my archenemy. I usually play normal variations in which I strive for a positional edge and a slow build up to the attack.

The Sicilian’s biggest downside is that black is slower in development in exchange for trading a flank pawn for a central pawn. That goes for any variation, and the Smith-Morra is a just a hyperaccelerated case of that. By sacrificing his c2 pawn, white gains immense initiative and a three point lead in development.

An opening designed to confuse black and catch him off guard. Worth exploring and using to crush the Sicilian!


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