Secrets of the Middlegame 🕵 Unexpected Tactical Chess Opportunities – GM Danny Gormally

Want to push your middlegame skill into master-level territory? 🤔 In his new Secrets of The Middlegame course, GM Danny Gormally teaches what he believes to be the most important strategic and psychological ideas. Get instant access with 50% off. ►

The middlegame is the most complex phase of chess, combining tactics and strategy, attack and defense, pawn and piece play. There is so much going on that it can easily become overwhelming. What’s more, unlike the opening where you can memorize theory, the middlegame is a different story altogether! There are thousands of possible positions you can find yourself in.

Thankfully, British Grandmaster Danny Gormally is here to explain his unique philosophy on how to win points and greatly improve your chess with dominant middlegame play.

Danny, in his trademark entertaining and informative style, explains how to master both the strategic and psychological problems players face in real games.

This video is an exclusive free preview of Danny’s 15-hour Master Method: Secrets of the Middlegame. In this sample, Danny looks at the unexpected tactical opportunities that can arise in every game. We’ve all had situations where we were under pressure and we thought we’d lose the game, but often there are cases where the opponent will lose concentration, giving you a chance to get back into the game! But, you need to notice these opportunities if you’re going to take advantage of them.

In games between human beings – as opposed to engines – it’s extremely rare that the player with the better position doesn’t allow his opponent any counter-chances. When analyzing games with strong engines, we can see how often we miss hidden tactical opportunities. You need to be constantly aware of the possibility of finding a tactical idea which can transform the game. Be alert and try to take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes.

Danny analyzes a game from his own career where such an opportunity arose. The more you explore these kinds of situations, the more likely you’ll spot the opportunities to turn your own games around or avoid making similar mistakes.

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