My Best Chess Games from the Reykjavik Open 2018 😲 GM Eugene Perelshteyn

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At this year’s Reykjavik Open in April, GM Eugene Perelshteyn finished in fourth place! In this video, part one of a series, Eugene will be taking a look at his best chess games from the tournament. It’s a perfect opportunity to jump into the mind of a grandmaster and explore how the top players think when they are playing a game.

To kick things off, Eugene looks at a game he played against a lower-rated player, around 2150 Elo at the time. It’s important to bear your opponent in mind when playing – in open chess tournaments, these lower-rated players can often play some unexpected line and pick up a win against a Grandmaster.

But not this time! Eugene manages to eke out an advantage from the opening. Then, he uses prophylactic thinking to shut down any counter play from the opponent. Patiently, Eugene then slowly improves his position, slowly choking his opponent out of the game. These sound principles we can all apply in our own play in order to create some of the best chess games we’ve played.

It’s a highly instructive game we can all learn from to improve our game. For example, we see how we can think longer-term in a game and formulate a decisive plan. Better to have a bad plan than no plan at all, as they say.

We also see that you should never play the opening moves on auto-pilot, but you should consider the moves your opponent is making. Some players find themselves rushing through their first five to ten pet moves they’ve memorized, only to realize it’s all gone horribly wrong at some point and they have got nothing to work with!

At the Reykjavik Open 2018, 17 players finished joint fourth with 6.5 points each. Some of these players included not only GM Eugene Perelshteyn, but Gata Kamsky, Pavel Eljanov, and Richard Rapport.

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